• New Tile Wall
    March 12th, 2019

    Brother Hertzing and the Hall Association have finished the newest tile fundraiser wall. Click below for more information.

    New Tile Wall Update
  • 4th Annual Benjamin Franklin Excellence Awards
    May 10th, 2019

    Coachella Lodge just finished with the 4th Annual Benjamin Franklin Excellence Awards! Over forty recipients were honored during the event. Click below for more information.

    Fourth Annual Benjamin Franklin Awards
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Coachella Masonic Lodge Raising Future Leaders of Coachella


The chilis submitted this year were the best we've had yet and each deserves an honorable mention. However, there is only room at the top for the three highest rated chilies. Second and third place were only seperated by one point while first place beat the competition by a sizeable margin.

1st Place - Jillie's Chili - Weiss family

2nd Place - The Firebird - Patrick Nordquist

3rd Place - Los Demonios Fuego - Dean Holm

 At the end of the event after costs the chili cookoff raised $200 for our Blue Lodge, Rainbow Girls, Jobs Daughters and Demolay youth groups! Big thanks to all the brothers, family and friends that volunteered and helped make this event possible. We look forward to having an even bigger chili cookoff next year!