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From floor sketches to tracing boards, Masonic artists over the centuries have produced incredible works to serve as lodge teaching aids. In addition to being artifacts of our fraternity, many of these pieces are treasures of the art world. This video explores the history and significance of art in Masonic education from the 18th century to today, as told by historians, Masonic scholars, and the artists themselves.

Many holy scriptures are allowed to be placed at the altar when taking the solemn obligation as a Mason.  Here is a video from the Grand Lodge of CA for further information and education.

The Grand Lodge sent all Lodges a link to the latest "Raising a Reader" video, in honor or our 100th year of supporting our local education.
Our Lodge got a little cameo and got noted for all the work Worshipful Nordquist put into the program his years.  Enjoy the video and share it. 
We should all be proud of what we contribute to youth literacy programs and to our communities.

You can view the file here by clicking on this link:

CMF Public Education (vimeo.com)